Phung Hung Market

Phung Hung Market or Thu Do Market – a famous retail market in Saigon China Town sells everything a person needs for his normal life. This place is not as luxury as shopping malls with air conditioners and beautiful decorations, the vendors are not as well-trained as the staffs at supermarkets or many other stores. But it is a favorite place of residents in the area to buy commodities in every morning. And it is also a food paradise where to enjoy countless of exotic foods at long standing eateries.

Location and Opening hours

Phung Hung Market is located at 214 Phung Hung Street, Ward 14, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City. CLICK HERE to see the location of the market on Google Maps. The market is located in the heart of Saigon China Town, a few hundred meters from Binh Tay Market, Cho Lon Bus Station and The Garden Mall. It is surrounded by 3 crowded and old streets: Chau Van Liem, Nguyen Trai and Hong Bang. The stalls and stores are fill Phung Hung Street and Lao Tu Street.

Phung Hung Market

Parking Area at Phung Hung Market

Parking area is located at the crossroads of Phung Hung and Hong Bang Street. From this parking lot, visitors can see The Garden Mall (formerly known as Thuan Kieu Plaza – the ghost building)

Opening hours: different, fresh food stalls open in the morning, dried food stalls and convenience stores open in the morning and afternoon, food and drink restaurants and stalls open in the morning, afternoon and/or evening.


Phung Hung Market is also called Thu Do Market which was named after the nearby Thu Do Theater. No one know when the old Phung Hung Market was established. The vendors and local people remember that they have helped their parents to sell products or gone to the market in every morning since they were young. Although more and more markets and shopping centers open and attract customers, Phung Hung Market is always crowded in the morning when they buy foods for cooking meals for their families. The area of Phung Hung Market is also famous as a street food area selling a wide range of great Vietnamese and Chinese foods.

What does Phung Hung Market sell?

Rice and rice noodles at Phung Hung Market

Different types of rice in sacks; Fresh rice noodles which has just been made in the early morning; Dried rice noodles, dried clear rice noodles (Hủ tiếu); Fresh egg noodles, soup cake

Traditional Vietnamese cakes, boiled chicken, Steamed fermented fish egg at Phung Hung Market

Traditional Vietnamese cakes including Square sticky rice cakes, Cylindrical sticky rice cakes with banana, Pyramid sticky rice cakes, Pyramid sticky rice dumplings; Boiled chicken; Other Vietnamese and Chinese traditional cakes such as Steamed buns, Mini sponge cakes, Print cakes;  Steamed fermented fish egg, Fried fish cakes, Fried chicken wings

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Fruits at Phung Hung Market

Crispy guavas and ripe papayas; Yellow ripe ambarella eaten with chili salt; Apple banana; Green mangoes, apple oranges, plumps, mandarins

Phung Hung Market

Basa fishes, salmons, bombay duck (fishes); Fermented fishes; Shrimps, sea fishes, eggs, morning glory, amaranth (vegetable)

Vegetables at Phung Hung Market

Green beans; Lemongrass; Aloe vera; Luffas, Salted mustard greens, garlic, tomatoes, mushrooms

Houshold items, kitchenware at Phung Hung Market

Clay pots, scissors, chopsticks, knives, cradles, spoons, forks; Aluminum pots and pans; Red envelopes, combs, gloves, socks; Scissors, combs, mirrors, shampoos, hairbrushes and other hair styling tools

Statue of Buddhas, joss papers at Phung Hung Market

Statue of Buddhas, elephants, flowers; Joss papers including fake money, paper shirts, fake money paper flowers offered to Gods, Buddhas and death people; Calendar block

Phung Hung Market

Ready-to-wear clothes; Jewelry (most of which are made of fake gold, stainless steel, imitation gemstones; Underwears

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What and where to eat and drink at Phung Hung Market?

Vietnamese Coffee at 60-year-old Ba Lu Cafe

Location: 193 Phung Hung Street, Ward 14, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City. CLICK HERE to see location of Ba Lu Cafe.

Opening hours: 6:00 – 16:00

Prices: from VND 15,000

Ba Lu Cafe is located in the middle of Phung Hung Market and has been one of the oldest cafes in Saigon China Town and the entire Ho Chi Minh City. The coffee brewed with a fabric filter and secret roast technique are the highlights of this coffee shop. Coming to the cafe of Mr. Ba Lu and his family, customers feel like being in Saigon more than a half century ago.

Vietnamese sandwich at 50-year-old Banh Mi Tang Shop

Location: 822 Nguyen Trai Street, Ward 14, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City. CLICK HERE to see location of Banh Mi Tang Shop. It is located at the entrance to Thu Do Market on Nguyen Trai Street.

Opening hours: 9:00 – 21:00

Prices: from VND 17,000

Vietnamese sandwich shops are everywhere in Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam but Banh mi at Tang shop has a special taste that blends Chinese and Vietnamese cuisines. The shop also sells Steamed buns, Savory sticky rice, Soy milk, meatballs.

Steamed sticky rice and sweet soups

There are two famous dessert stalls at Thu Do Market, one is at the main entrance to the market on Nguyen Trai Street, the other is in Lao Tu Street. Prices are cheap, from VND 15,000. The most favorite foods at these stalls include Cendols, Mixed Vietnamese sweet soup consisting of beans, Agar agar and mock pomegranate dessert, vine jelly (Tiliacora triandra), Steamed sticky rice, etc.

Dim sums at Ha Cao Kieu Ky

Location: 43 Lao Tu Street, Ward 14, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City. CLICK HERE to see location of Ha Cao Kieu Ky.

Opening hours: 7:00 – 18:00

Prices: from VND 30,000

This is a small Chinese restaurant in the market, selling har gow filled with shrimps, pork, scallops, Steamed buns (baozi) filled with char siu pork, salted duck egg, mix of egg, milk, coconut milk, wheat flour.

Stuffed bitter melon at Kho Qua Ca Chon

Location: 202 Phung Hung Street, Ward 14, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City. CLICK HERE to see the location of Kho Qua Ca Chon.

Opening hours: 9:00 – 21:00

Prices: from VND 35,000

The owner named the food stall Kho Qua Ca Chon, literally meaning haughty bitter melon, to make it different from other stalls that also sells the same foods in the area. The signature of this stall is a dish consisting of stuffed bitter melons, eggplants, peppers, fish cakes, tofu, covered with delicious broth.

ho chi minh street food with local sudents

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