Vietnamese pomelo sweet soup (Che buoi)

Vietnamese pomelo sweet soup (Chè bưởi, Che buoi) is a tasty, refreshing and healthy dessert which has won the heart of all ages. Skins of fruits are sometimes thrown away. However, some of them are used as medicine or ingredients for lots of delicious dishes. Pomelo skin is very good for human skin, heart, and hair. Vietnamese people have created a very delicious dessert recipe from pomelo skin, it is pomelo skin sweet soup. Ingredients for this dessert are pomelo skin, peeled mung bean, coconut milk, tapioca starch, peanut, sugar, salt.

The dessert consists of pomelo skin seeds or juliennes coated with tapioca flour, mung bean, coconut milk sauce, crushed peanuts and shaved (cubed) ice. The first highlight of this food is the way they coat bitter, spongy pomelo skin into seeds or juliennes which are chewy outside and crunchy inside. The second highlight is the wonderful blend of the pomelo seeds and juliennes with buttery mung bean, crunchy peanuts, and greasy coconut milk sauce. The refreshing and energy-boosting Che buoi can help you to beat the heat, reduce the tiredness.
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Following is the secret recipe to make a delicious Vietnamese pomelo sweet soup from bitter pomelo skin:


  • Pomelo: 1
  • Peeled mung beans: 200g
  • Cornstarch: 100g
  • Sugar: at your wish
  • Salt


Step 1: making tapioca coated simmered pomelo skin cubes (juliennes)

  • The green skin should be removed. Cut the inner part of the pomelo skin into cubes or juliennes.
  • Soak the cubes (or juliennes) in water mixed with some salt for at least 2 hours, or better overnight. While soaking, squeeze for 10 times, then wash the skin.
  • Repeat soaking for 40 minutes, squeezing, and washing the pomelo skin 2 times.
  • Now the pomelo skin turns semi-translucent and crunchy. For the last time, squeeze the skin slightly so that the pomelo skin cubes are not too dry.
  • Mixed the pomelo skin cubes with sugar and leave for 1 hour. Simmer the mixture until the cubes turn translucent.
  • Mixed the hot simmered pomelo skin with tapioca starch. Boil the tapioca coated simmered pomelo skin cubes until bloating, quickly put them into cold water, drain them off.

Step 2: cooking the sweet soup

  • Peeled mung beans are soaked in water for a few hours or better overnight, cooked in water until tender.
  • Add sugar and a mixture of cold water and tapioca starch, cook until thickened.
  • Add the tapioca starch coated pomelo skin cubes and cook until boiling.

Step 3: cooking the coconut milk sauce

  • Cook coconut milk, cornstarch, sugar, salt in a pot over medium heat until the mixture boiling and thickens, cool down.

Step 4: make the crushed toasted peanuts

  • Toast peanuts until smelling and yellow, remove the skins, crush the peanuts.

Step 5: serve

  • Top the Vietnamese pomelo sweet soup with coconut milk sauce and serve it with ice

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