What to see on motorbikes in Saigon?

Most of the tourists come to Saigon, sit in air-conditioned cars, are driven to top tourist attractions, introduced about the attractions, then eat at restaurants which serve tourists. What do they know about Saigon? Do they really know much enough about the city? I can answer right now. The answer is definitely “No”. Saigon is what in other districts which do not consist of District 1 and District 5 where there are some tourist attractions. Saigon has not only high buildings, luxury hotels, and restaurants, beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral and Ben Thanh market. It also has many small, narrow houses, small local markets, food, and drink stalls, pagodas, temples hidden in a big network of back alleyways. The unique way to explore the hidden Saigon is weaving through the main streets and small alleys by motorbikes, cyclos, or bicycles. On the way, you can see many many interesting things which leave an unforgettable memory for the lifetime. What to see on motorbikes in Saigon?

Durian On Motorbike In

Dozens of durians on the back of a motorbike in Saigon

Flowers and baskets on the back of the motorbike of a flower shipper in Saigon

street food vendors

A moving motorbike food stall in Saigon

What to see on motorbikes in Saigon? – Things that can surprise many foreigners.

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