10 Traditional Vietnamese Cakes – Savory Cakes

10 Traditional Vietnamese Cakes – Savory Cakes

In Vietnam, cakes are not only foods but also gifts in the daily life of each Vietnamese person. Throughout the years, there are more and more recipes making delicious cakes. I would like to introduce 25 flavorful traditional Vietnamese cakes as below.

1. Vietnamese square glutinous rice cake (Chung cake or Banh chung)

Vietnamese Square Sticky Rice Cake Or Banh Chung 3

Square glutinous rice cake is a must-dish at Tet festival in Vietnam. It has a square shape and symbolizes the earth. This cake is made from glutinous rice wrapped in green “dong” leaves. The filling is made from mung bean, pork belly. It has been cooked in a big pot for about 10 hours. It’s time for all members of the family to gather around the fire and Chung cake’s pot. To serve, the cake is peeled off and cut into 8 wedges from the middle. Banh chung has a special and great taste which make you love to eat for the first time.

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2. Vietnamese round glutinous rice cake with pork pie (Banh giay gio)

Round Sticky Rice Cake

Round glutinous rice cake with pork pie is one of the favorite cakes of Vietnamese people. The round glutinous rice cake is a white and flat cake with a chewy texture. 2 cakes filled with 1 piece of rich tough pork pie is the way we eat this cake. Although Vietnamese round glutinous rice cake looks like a simple cake, it needs the patience to make. After glutinous rice cake is steamed, it is crushed, mixed carefully and folded into a round cake by hand.

3. Vietnamese pyramidal rice dumpling (Banh gio)

Pyramidal Rice Dumpling 2

Pyramidal rice dumpling is made from rice flour and tapioca flour. The filling is made from meat, onion, ear fungus, fish sauce, black pepper, and salt. In South Vietnam, they also use boiled quail eggs to make the filling. The dough and filling are wrapped in banana leaves and has been steamed for 40 minutes. All ingredients must be tender when it’s served hot. Banh gio is usually eaten using a spoon and seasoned in chili sauce to make it tastier.

4. Tiny rice flour dumplings stuffed with shrimp and pork (Banh bot loc)

Vietnamese Clear Shrimp & Pork Dumpling Or Banh Bot Loc

Tiny rice flour dumplings stuffed with shrimp and pork (Banh bot loc)Banh Bot Loc – 10 Traditional Vietnamese Cakes

Banh bot loc originated in Hue province of Central Vietnam – the old kingdom of the country. Banh bot loc is a beloved food of people of all ages. It’s made from glutinous rice flour and tapioca flour with filling from shrimp and pork. It’s served with chopped green onion oil, fish sauce dip and assorted Vietnamese herbs. I bet you will love it.


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5. Banh te

Banh te

The main ingredients are rice flour, black fungus, and pork meat. It’s also wrapped into a cylindric shape in banana leaves. Banh te is smaller than Banh tet and enough for one person to eat. It’s a comfort dish in the morning. Banh te is more popular in the countryside in Vietnam.

6. Water fern cake (Banh beo)

Bloating fern cake - Traditional Vietnamese Cakes

Originated in Hue, water fern cake is one of the most delicious cakes in Vietnam. Banh beo has the shape as water fern cake so that we call it Water fern cake. Banh beo is made from rice flour, ground pork, shrimp and ground dried small shrimp. The mix of rice flour, tapioca flour, water, oil and stir-fried ground pork, shrimp are put into small bowls and steamed in about 5 minutes. After that, chopped green onion, ground dried small shrimp and deep-fried pork fat are topped on the cake. This cake is served with Vietnamese fresh herbs and sweet and sour fish sauce dip.

7. Vietnamese sticky rice dumpling (Banh it tran)

Vietnamese sticky rice dumpling - Traditional Vietnamese Cakes

The cake looks like a small ball with a 5-centimeter diameter. This kind of Vietnamese savory dumpling is made from glutinous rice flour. The filling is made from pork and black fungus. To serve, it’s topped with chopped green onion oil, ground dried shrimp and seasoned in hot fish sauce dip. The Banh it tran is so chewy and hearty that you would love it.

8. Stuffed rice cake (Banh cuon)

Vietnamese Stuffed Pancake Or Banh Cuon 2

Banh cuon is a very thin crepe from rice flour and stuffed with ground pork, mince black fungus and onion. The cook has to be skillful to make this cake. A layer of batter is poured onto the cloth which covers a pot of boiling water, the filling is added after that. This amazing cake is served hot with sliced cucumber, Vietnamese coriander, fried scallion, slices of pork pie and dipping fish sauce. This is one of the most delicious traditional foods in Vietnam. Do not miss this brilliant gem of Vietnamese foods.

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9. Vietnamese pancake (Banh xeo)

banh xeo at co ba vung tau tracy do - Traditional Vietnamese Cakes

Banh Xeo – 10 Traditional Vietnamese Cakes

Banh xeo is famous with Vietnamese people and tourists from around the world for its great taste. Banh xeo is a crispy yellow turmeric crepe with filling made from shrimp, pork belly, mushroom, bean sprouts, and mung bean. To eat, diner use salad leaves to roll the crust, filling and other kinds of fresh herbs. Then he seasons the roll in sweet, sour and spicy fish sauce dip before tucking in.

10. Question cake (Banh hoi)

Vietnamese Question Cake Traditional Vietnamese Cakes

Banh hoi consists of rice flour woven into intricate bundles so that it’s soft and comfortable to eat. It’s usually served with roasted pork, assorted herbs, crushed peanut, fish sauce dip, and chopped green onion oil.

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