Bau Da wine in Binh Dinh

Bau Da wine is a famous specialty of Binh Dinh province for its exceptional characteristic. It is considered as the best wine in Vietnam. The wine originated from Cu Lam village, Nhon Loc commune, An Nhon district. When the wine is poured, its sound is clear, its smell is pleasant and its drops are transparent like crystal. Bau Da wine does not cause a headache but make drinkers relaxing and refreshing.

This wine is entirely made by hand. It is made of newly-harvested rice grains and special water which make the wine transparent like crystal and distilled with straw and husk-fired heat. In the past, local people got water from Bau Da pond to make the wine so that they called it Bau Da wine. This wine is produced with tools which are made of glass, bamboo, and soil. These tools impart a very special flavor to the wine. There are many requirements on rice, water and yeast and procedures that the winemakers must follow in order to make the delicious Bau Da wine.

Although Bau Da wine is very high in alcohol (approximately 50%), it still makes people try it at least once due to its unique flavor and great smell. It has been said that Bau Da wine makes drinkers have sensations of both fire and ice. To check, you can pour a drop of wine on your skin and get an amazing feeling. Drinking Bau Da wine is an art. Pour this wine from a height to hear the marvelous sound of wine splashing. Then let the glass of wine spread its fragrance through the atmosphere for a moment before sipping it and feeling it foam around your mouth. Vietnamese people prefer to sit cross-legged on the floor to enjoy both wine and recitals on a moonlit night.

The fame of Bau Da wine has spread all over Vietnam and other countries. The wine is one of the most luxurious drinks and the best gifts to buy in Vietnam.

Bau Da wine in Binh Dinh

Bau Da wine in Binh Dinh

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