Traditional wine in Vietnam

Wine has been produced for thousands of years. In Vietnam, traditional wine has long played an important role in culture, cuisine, and religion. Wine not only helps Vietnamese people relaxed after hard working days but also must drink at traditional festivals. There are hundreds of kinds of wine in Vietnam, many of them are full of local characters and have hard recipes. The followings are Top 10 Vietnam specialty wines which are listed in the Vietnam Guinness book of records.

1. Can wine (Stem wine, tube wine) in E De Ban Me, Dak Lak province

Drinking Can wine is a long-standing customary habit of an ethnic group in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. This kind of traditional wine is a must offering to God, it couldn’t be missed at festivals, weddings and meetings. Local people always serve their guests the best Can wine. There are various Can wine recipes, one of the best Can wine is made by in E De Ban Me, Dak Lak province. They steamed black glutinous rice or glutinous rice, then dry the steamed glutinous rice on a large flat round basket. After that, the dry steamed glutinous rice is mixed with yeast made from galangal root, liquorice root, thysanolaena latifolia root and put in an airtight jar. Good Can wine is a golden yellow color, a little sticky, wonderfully smelling and especially sweet.

2. Mau Son rice wine in Lang Son province

Mau Son wine is made by the Dao ethnic group living on the top of Mau Son mountain (Lang Son province) which is 800-1000 m higher above sea level. The traditional recipe has been passed through the generations. The main ingredients are rice and spring water at the height of more than 1000 m above sea level. The yeast is made from over 30 kinds of rare herbs. Mau Son wine tastes and smells wonderful. It’s as transparent as spring water, as fragrant as leaves and herbs. The longer the mix of rice, spring water and yeast is fermented, the better the wine is. They steam the mix to receive Mau Son wine which is saved in oak barrels. The wine contains the soul of Dao people, the height of the great mountain and green forest so that it wins the hearts of most visitors

3. Na Hang corn wine in Tuyen Quang province

Na Hang – a small district of Tuyen Quang province is famous for corn wine which needs time, patience, skill and experience to make. High-quality corn seeds are burnt, then fermented with yeast made from glutinous rice, 20 medical plants and trees which are very good for human health in an airtight jar for 20-30 days. The wine is extracted by steaming. Na Hang corn wine has special fragrant from “đứa póong” tree, freshness from rock water and special taste from corn.

4. Lang Van glutinous rice wine at Van village in Bac Giang province

Lang Van glutinous rice wine has been said to be glassy and as beautiful as sunlight in the summer. A light shake can make the wine foamy. It must be cooked from Golden flower glutinous rice (Nep cai hoa vang) grown in fields at Van Xa village, Van Ha commune, Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province. From Golden flower glutinous rice and the yeast made from rare Chinese medicines, talented cooks at Van village have brewed the essence of Vietnamese cuisine. For hundreds of years, the perfect Lang Van wine has been a favorite gift to buy in Bac Giang.


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5. Kim Son wine in Ninh Binh

Kim Son wine is brewed from glutinous rice, yeast from 36 Chinese medicines and well water with the traditional recipe at Kim Son wine village which has existed hundreds of years in Ninh Binh province. Although the level of alcohol in Kim Son wine is high, it has a very gentle, even sophisticated taste. The wine gets better with age. This kind of wine is the best choice to make snake wine, gecko wine, starfish wine (wine made by soaking snake, gecko, starfish in wine for a few months). People can feel sweet and warmed over flavor as well as the sweet and warm feelings of local people for visitors while drinking Kim Son wine.

6. Bau Da wine in Binh Dinh

It has been said that many centuries ago, poor people at Bau Da village, Nhon Loc commune, An Nhon district, Binh Dinh province have used groundwater fractures in the rock to cook wine with special taste, it has been said that it’s very good for health if people drink 2 small cup of this wine. Bau Da traditional wine had been served to Vietnamese kings, lords, and guests at royal parties. It takes 6 days to finish cooking Bau Da traditional wine from rice, glutinous rice, groundwater and yeast.

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7. Fruit wine in Da Lat, Lam Dong province

Dalat is not only famous for thousands of colorful flowers but also wine from mulberry. The city is full of mulberry with red, purple, black tiny fruits and green leaves.At wine factories in Dalat, wine and mulberry perfume the air with enchanting aromas. While people in Central Highlands love to eat Can wine, people in South Vietnam prefer rice wine, Dalat people have fallen in love with local mulberry wine which helps them to keep warm in cold weather. Wine is a must at the Tet festival, a specialty of the region and the most popular thing to buy in Dalat.

8. Go Den wine in Long An province

Go Den wine is cooked with traditional recipes by people living in Go Den commune, Ben Luc district, Long An district. The main ingredient is glutinous rice grown in Go Den which ground is higher than other regionss and yeast made from plants and Chinese medicines. Glutinous rice must be round, milky and fragrant. This kind of wine is high-alcohol (50%) and is considered the wine king in South Vietnam.

9. Phu Le wine in Ben Tre province

Phu Le – a commune in Ba Tri district, Ben Tre province is well-known for Phu Le traditional wine. 4 things make wine in Phu Le tasty are yeast, well water, local glutinous rice and hundred-year jars used to brew wine. Similar to Go Den wine, Phu Le wine is high-alcohol. However, this kind of traditional wine is really delicious and smelling.

10. Rose myrtle wine in Phu Quoc, Kien Giang

Phu Quoc is the island of beautiful wild beaches, tasty fish sauce, luxury pearl and flavorful wine from rose myrtle which has attractive fragrant and great taste. The wine is not only a drink to relax but also a drink good for human health.

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