Corn Milk (Sữa Ngô / Sữa bắp)

Vietnamese Corn Milk (Sua bap/Sua ngo)

Soy milk and corn milk are healthy nutrient-rich drinks for everybody. Sua bap is smelling and greasy so that it can win hearts of all ages. It is served hot or cold. Sua ngo contains fibre, vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs, sugar, antioxydant and oil. It protects us from constipation and celiac disease. Corn milk contains high level of vitamin B, B1, B5, B3 which are very good for human brain. Vitamin C and folic acid in corn milk are good for pregnant women.

In Vietnam, corn milk is usually homemade and following is a simple Vietnamese corn milk recipe:

Ingredients: (to make 1 liter of corn milk)

– American corn: 2

– Shredded coconut meat: 100-200 grams

– Milk: 100 ml

– Sugar: depends on you

– Water: 1 liter

Step 1:

– Peel and wash corn;

– Boil 2 corns in 1 liter of water;

– After boiling, put corns into a basket so that it turns dry and keep the boiling water;

– Use a sharp knife to remove corn seeds from corncobs.

Vietnamese Corn Milk

Step 2:

– Blend corn seeds, shredded coconut meat, boiling water in blender (water just cover other so that they can be blended more easily).

Step 3:

– Filter the liquid using a strainer or a cloth so that you have the corn milk.

Step 4:

– Add milk and sugar, cook on medium fire until it boils.

Vietnamese Corn Milk (2)

Sua Bap/Sua ngo – everyone can find the most nourishing food in a Vietnamese kitchen or food stall in Saigon’s street. Wise and true. Some of the dishes I love the most come from my mother. This drink is very versatile. If you want to make it completely dairy-free, simply add more almonds, or substitute the milk with rice milk.

If you would like to try it, you can find it easily on the street of Saigon or you can go with us to be a local with Scooter Saigon Sightseeing & Local Street food Tour.

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