Catching Mudskipper And Grilling It With Chili Salt

Mudskipper is a kind of fish usually living in muddy grounds. In Vietnam, it has lots of in Mekong Delta. Today my neighbor and I go to catch mudskipper to grill with chili salt.

The friend and I wear very old clothes because we know that we are going to touch lots of mud. Simply, each person only brings a bucket. We come to a muddy ground of a mall river near our house. On the ground, there are lots of small hole mouths. I use my hand to catch fish. The fish holes are about 40 cm deep. Our clothes are full of mud, which make me very interested. My friend shouts once he gets a fish. Each of us gets half a bucket of fish soon. Putting the buckets under a tree, we jump into the river. River water makes me feel cool. We take a bath joking happily. We return home to make grilled mudskipper dish.

My elder sister helps us do this. She puts some fish into a pot and put some ice and salt. She shakes lightly for 5 minutes. The fish spit out dirty things in the belly. Then she washes them well. At the same time, my friend goes to a rivulet to cut down some water coconut leaves. After that, we get leaf veins. My sister puts leaf veins into the mouths of the fish and threads through their bodies. At that time, my friend and I prepare the stove. My sister puts the fish on the stove with charcoal burning. Waiting some minutes, she plasters the mixture of salt water, chili and sodium glutamate, which she prepared before. The mixture gets into the fish soon. We have chili salt grilled mudskipper dish.

We lay the food on the table put under a mango tree. On the table, beside the fish are a plate of fish sauce and a plate of fresh vegetables. I invite my parents to enjoy the food with us. All family together eats happily. The mudskipper meat is sweet and fat, so delicious. I eat forever without losing appetite.




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