Banh Khoai in Hue

Banh Khoai – a delicious Hue food

Vietnamese people love to eat crepes so that there are many kinds of delicious crepes around the countries. Coming to South Vietnam, tourists have a chance to enjoy big and thin Banh Xeo or Vietnamese Pancake. In Central Vietnam, Banh Xeo is smaller than the version in the South. In Hue – the ancient capital of Vietnam, Banh Khoai – a version of Vietnamese Pancake is worth trying for its unique taste.

Locals call this tiny cake Banh Khoai or Banh Khoi, which literally means “Smoke Cake” because when the cook pours onto the pan with boiling oil, smoke with an attractive smell spreads in the air.

Banh Khoai

Banh Khoai is has yellow color and as small as human hand. It’s a secret recipe to make the crepe crispy. Filling is made from fresh shrimp, ground pork, egg, pork belly and bean sprouts. Chicken and mushroom are optional. The crepe is fried on a small pan and only cooked after ordering and served hot so that the crepe is still crispy. It’s fold in half right after being well-done. It need patience to cook this food because it’s too hot to sit or stand to fry and wait for ready cakes.

Herbs, rice papers, star fruit slices, banana blossom strips, green banana slices, fig slices and special sauce are served with Khoai Cake. The sauce is a unique one, made from soy sauce, pig liver, lean pork, peanuts, sesame and other secret ingredients. Just put some Khoai Cake, herbs, star fruit slices and fig onto rice paper and wrap, then dip into the amazing sauce. Dinners can feel a perfect blend of all ingredients.

Although there is a long list of royal and rustic dishes to try in Hue, Banh Khoai is worth a try. Enjoying these foods and learning more about rich Hue cuisine and culture shouldn’t be missed on your trip to beautiful Hue city.

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