One-sun-dried squid

One-sun-dried squid (Mực một nắng, Muc mot nang) is an amazing seafood which has won the hearts of most of the people, even with strict gourmets. Con Dao Island (Ba Ria – Vung Tau province), Cham Island (Quang Nam province), Phan Rang city (Ninh Thuan province), Phan Thiet city (Binh Thuan province), Phu Quoc Island (Kien Giang province), Ca Mau province are famous for high-quality One-sun-dried squids. It has become a favorite food as well as a great gift in Vietnam and some countries in the world.

Are you wondering about the strange name of this food? Dried foods are popular in Vietnam. Fishes, seafood, beef are dried until dry completely and stored to eat later. Dried squid (Khô mực, Kho muc) is also popular in Vietnam. Different from Dried squid which is dried under the sun for a few days until very dry, rather thin, and hard, One-sun-dried squid is made by drying fresh squid under the sun for only one day. The squid is dry outside but tender, chewy, thick and white inside after being drying for one day. One-sun-dried squid should be stored in freezers while Dried squid can be stored at room temperature.

Although there are many kinds of squids, bigfin reef squid (Mực lá) is the best ingredient for making One-sun-dried squid. They must choose freshly-caught squids which have just been caught from the sea and make Muc mot nang right away.

The best but simplest way to cook Muc mot nang is grilling it. This kind of food should be grilled on charcoal over medium heat. If the heat is too high, the squid will be overcooked, hard and dry outside but rare inside. If Muc mot nang is grilled in the right way, it will be yellow, smelling, tender, a little chewy and well-done. Grilled one-sun-dried squid is shredded and served with chili sauce or fish sauce with some slices of chili pepper. This food pairs well with beer. It can make you eat more and more.

Other delicious dishes made from One-sun-dried squid:

  • Fried One-sun-dried squid with fish sauce
  • Grilled One-sun-dried squid with sautee
  • Grilled One-sun-dried squid with salt and chili pepper
  • Deep-fried One-sun-dried squid
  • Stir-fried One-sun-dried squid

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