Pickled Bamboo Shoot (Dưa măng)

Bamboo shoots are an easy food to eat and can be combined with many different ingredients. Pickled bamboo shoots are a very popular dish. From pickled bamboo shoots, you can use to make many different delicious dishes.

Pickled bamboo shoot

Pickled bamboo shoot.

Ingredients for Pickled Bamboo Shoot

Fresh shoots: 1 kg

Vinegar: 300 ml

Chili: 3 fruits

Garlic: 4 bulbs

White sugar: 6 tbsp

Salt: 2 teaspoons

How to Make Pickled Bamboo Shoot?

Cut the bamboo shoots into thin pieces, soaked in diluted saline. Take out bamboo shoots, drain, continue washing bamboo shoots about 2-3 times with clean water. Peel garlic, cut chili into small pieces, or leave the whole fruit as you like. Wash the glass jar with hot water, put the bamboo shoots in the jar with vinegar, sugar, chili, garlic, 1 teaspoon of salt, and add 50ml of boiling water. Cover tightly, leave on for 5 days and you can eat it. Bamboo shoot pickle can be used to fry, cook soup, and served with rice.

Hopefully, this pickle will help your family not tired of greasy foods during the Tet holidays. Wish you and your relatives good health and good luck in the new year!

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