Top 10 things to do in Saigon

Top 10 things to do in Saigon

Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) is one of South East Asia’s dynamic cities. The sights are beautiful, the cost of living is reasonable, locals are friendly, the food is exotic and it’s worth a visit. There are various things to do in Ho Chi Minh city that would make you confused. I would like to share Top 10 things to do in Saigon.

1. Weave the streets and alleys on a motorbike

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The traffic in Ho Chi Minh city is crazy with hundreds of vehicles on the streets with 95% motorbikes. There are about 4 millions of motorbikes in the city and it’s growing at a rate of 1,300 new motorbikes per day. It’s true that motorbike is the most popular and efficient in Saigon. Let immerse yourself into the world of motorbikes, see the sights and listen to the sounds. You couldn’t explore the real Saigon in a car.

You will have a chance to crawl the extensive network of back alleys which are home to most of Saigon people. There are many things to do there and you shouldn’t miss this hard gems. Taxi scams are everywhere in the city so that I would like to recommend you to join a Saigon motorbike tour. There are many choices for you: food tour, shopping tour, sightseeing tour by motorbike. To not miss Top 10 things to do in Saigon, do not hesitate to book a motorbike tour in Ho Chi Minh city because it’s safe and fun.

2. Visit Cu Chi Tunnels

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The Cu Chi Tunnels, which are hiding spots during combat against America in the Vietnam War, are the proud of Cu Chi people as well as Vietnamese people. You will be surprised at the massive network of 200-km-long underground tunnels where many Viet Cong live, eat, study in hard conditions. There you will escape the busy Saigon to a place which is about 40 km northwest of Ho Chi Minh City in Southern Vietnam. It takes about an hour to reach Cu Chi Tunnels from the center of Saigon. It’s a big chance for you to crawl the tunnels and shoot an AK-47 (or M44). Cu Chi Tunnels are one of  Vietnam’s most popular tourist attractions which I highly recommend you to visit.

3. Visit the War Remnants Museum

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It would be a big miss if I don’t include The War Remnants Museum in my list of  Top 10 things to do in Saigon. The War Remnant Museum is a good place to learn a lot about history and Vietnam War. The museum has more than 20,000 documents, films, exhibits and photos which are separated into different rooms. You may probably be scared at injured bodies and US atrocities are from US sources, including those of the infamous My Lai massacre in the pictures. Some Western tourists have tears in their eyes. You can book a city tour, including visiting the museum or get there by yourself. The museum is located at 28 Vo Van Tan St, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City. It opens daily from 7:30 to 18:00, the entrance fee is 40,000 VND.

4. Experience Saigon backpacker area

10. Bui Vien street

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There is a small non-sleeping area of several square kilometers in central District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City, which is occupied by foreign visitors. It’s bounded by the Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lao, Do Quang Dau and De Tham streets. We call it Saigon backpacker area where tourist can find anything for their trips: travel companies, hotels and guestrooms, restaurants, pubs, food stalls on the pavements, fashion shops, souvenir shops, convenient store, markets… The prices are cheap in this area. The area is extremely crowded at night with hundreds of people from all over the world who eat, drink, dance in the pub or sit on the pavements. The atmosphere is so cool and diverse that you will enjoy it. 

5. Cruise down the Mekong Delta

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The Mekong Delta is considered as “the bowl of rice” where you can see the rice fields stretching until the horizontal. The sights are beautiful and peaceful with lush fruits orchards, coconut trees, the system of rivers and canals. There are about 10,000 living species in the region and it’s one of the most biologically diverse areas in Asia. Let’s enjoy a refreshing day and learn more about the unique lifestyle in Mekong Delta. You will have a chance to interact with ingenious and friendly locals, visit the land and floating markets, see how people make their livings there. It’s easy to book a full day Mekong Delta Tour or multi-day tour to Mekong Delta from Ho Chi Minh city. You can choose a tour by car, boat or motorbike depending on your travel expectation and budgets.

6. Taste Pho (Vietnamese Noodle Soup)

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Pho is Vietnam’s national dish that you shouldn’t miss when traveling to our country. Pho was originated in North Vietnam but nowadays it is very popular in South Vietnam, especially Ho Chi Minh city. The North style, they like to eat Pho without vegetables and soybean paste. When you eat Pho in Saigon, they will serve you a bowl of Pho including delicious broth, Pho noodle, and beef meat, beef tendon or beef ball… along with a plate of various fresh Vietnamese herbs and soybean paste. Maybe you can find a Pho restaurant in other countries but there’s nothing better than eating a food at the place where it was originated.

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7. See and admire French architecture buildings

Seeing and admire French architecture buildings is one of Top 10 things to do in Saigon. During the French colonial period in Vietnam, many French-style buildings had been constructed and they still remain until today. Some of them have become the symbols of Saigon and popular tourist attractions. The most famous building is the Notre Dame Cathedral, which is located at a quiet corner in the city. The two 58-meter bell towers and red bricks imported from France impress lots of tourists. Designed by renown architect Gustave Eiffel and located opposite the Cathedral, the Saigon Central Post Office is worth a visit.

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8. Enjoy the peaceful and quiet atmosphere at the Giac Lam Pagoda

Built in 1744, the Giac Lam Pagoda is one of the most famous Buddhist pagodas in Ho Chi Minh city. It takes approximately 30 minutes to drive from the center of the city to the pagoda. Come here, you will enjoy the peaceful and quiet atmosphere. In the gardens, you can see hundreds of prestigious Buddha statues inside and many locals pray for something. It’s totally different from the hustle and bustle city outside. I recommend you to visit the Giac Lam Pagoda to relax, admire and learn more about the culture and region in Ho Chi Minh city.

9. Visit the Ben Thanh Market

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Ben Thanh Market couldn’t be missed in the list of Top 10 things to do in Saigon because it is not only one of the oldest markets in Saigon but also the symbol of the city. It’s one of the must-see attractions when you travel to Ho Chi Minh city. The market has a beautiful and unique architecture with a yellow clock tower and you will have a chance to take a nice photo there. When you walk around and through the market, you will see millions of things to buy such as souvenirs, handicrafts, textiles, electronics, clothes, jewelry, foods, drinks, commodities… And it’s a good chance for you to bargain if you want to buy something.

10. View the city from the Bitexco Tower

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The 68-floor Bitexco Tower has a lotus bud shape and is one of the most iconic structures in Ho Chi Minh city. The skyscraper is located in the center of the city and symbolizes the growing potential of the city. The sky-deck at the top of Bitexco Tower is an ideal place for anyone that wants to see the full view of this cosmopolitan city. The ticket’s cost is $10USD. I would like to recommend you to do this at sunset. Do not miss the last in the list of Top 10 things to do in Saigon, you will never regret!

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