Vam Ray Pagoda in Tra Vinh, Vietnam

Vam Ray Pagoda is the biggest Primitive Buddhist pagoda in Vietnam. The pagoda is built according to Angkor architectural style. It is located in Vam Ray Hamlet, Ham Tan Commune, Tra Cu District, Tra Vinh Province. It has existed for over 600 years. To conserve the relic, Mr. Tram Be – a Buddhist of the pagoda financed to restore and build newly for 3 years with a total expenditure of one million dollars.

Vam Ray Pagoda contains Angkor architectural style – a characteristic architectural style of the pagoda. The pagoda has 4 gates in which the main gate looks forward to the east the same as the Khmer pagodas of the Mekong River Delta. The main gate is very tall and big and of the three-arched-entrance gate style of oriental temples, but the top is towers piled up layer. the whole gate is painted yellow. The shape of the gate looks ancient and mysterious.

In the middle of Vam Ray Pagoda has a very high pillar supported by columns having the shape of Naga God Snakes used for burning candles on festivals. In Buddhist culture, Naga God Snake used to appear to help Buddha and has protected pagodas.

In front of the Buddha Temple has 3 small gates with tower shaped tops. Looking from outside, the Buddha Temple looks like a golden palace with patterns carved skillfully. The temple has many doors having bent pointed tops.

Inside the Buddha has only a big Buddha statue put solemnly in the highest position. Some small Buddha statues are put in a lower position. The simple worshipping way causes the attention of everybody to the Buddha. The space of the Buddha Temple is large high cool, which causes comfort to Buddhists carrying out ceremonies.

Looking forward to the southeast of the Buddha Temple is the Buddha statue going to Nirvana with the length of 54m put on a base as a long two-floor building. Whole statue and base are painted yellow. Looking at the sight of the Buddha lying calmly in the peaceful landscape my heart becomes light easy.

Visiting the Vam Ray Pagoda, tourists are told about the Buddhist named Tram Be who contributed one million dollars to restore and build newly the pagoda. The project was started executing in 2003 and completed in 2008 in the happiness of local Buddhists. It’s worth respecting Mr. a person who has a good heart.

Vam ray pagoda is in a rather convenient traffic position. To come to Vam Ray Pagoda, you can go in different ways like going to from Tra Vinh, Can Tho City, Ben Tre or Soc Trang. Visiting an ancient, Angkor architectural style having and the biggest in Vietnam Khmer pagoda is an interesting thing. You will not regret when decides to come to this special place.

Vam Ray Pagoda

Vam Ray Pagoda

Vam Ray Pagoda

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