Hang Pagoda In Tra Vinh

Most of Khmer pagodas are present all over provinces and cities of Mekong Delta, especially Tra Vinh Province. Here there are over 140 big and small Khmer pagodas. In that number, there are 4 the most famous pagodas as Hang Pagoda, Ang PagodaVam Ray Pagoda, and Co pagoda. In the sphere of this writing, we are mention Hang Pagoda.

Hang Pagoda (Kompông Chrây pagoda): This is Buddhist Pagoda of the southern system, located on National Highway 54, Chau Thanh District, 4km from Tra Vinh City. The name Hang (cave in English) Pagoda comes from the gate of the pagoda built the same as a cave.

This is the pagoda with the age of over 300 years. The main temple is located on the foundation with the height of 3m having perrons leading up. The temple is decorated splendidly with many beautiful patterns. The roofs of the temple are bent and heaped up together. The top ís pointed the same as a top of the tower. The tops of the pillars have statues of  Kẽn naarr dancing-girls propping up the roof. Inside the temple are big and high pillows. Right in the middle of the temple is the altar. The statue of big Buddha Shakyamuni is put on a high platform. Under is the smaller statue of many different postures.

The pagoda is in a campus with the area of 2ha and circled by blue trees. Thousands of kinds of birds have lived here for a long time. All make this place peaceful. Coming to Tra Vinh, you do not forget to visit Hang Pagoda. Arriving here, you will feel your heart is relaxed.

Hang Pagoda In Tra Vinh

Hang Pagoda In Tra Vinh  Hang Pagoda In Tra Vinh

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