Ba Om Pond in Tra Vinh

Ba Om Pond (or Vuong Pond, Square Pond, Ao Bà Om, Ao Vuông) is a unique and very famous attraction in Tra Vinh Province.

Location of Ba Om Pond

Ba Om Pond is located at “khóm” 3, Ward 8, Tra Vinh City, Tra Vinh Province. It is about 7 km southwest of the city center.

Ba Om Pond in Tra Vinh

Ba Om Pond has a square shape, 300 m wide, 500 m long so that it is also called Square Pond. The pond is always flat, the water is always clear and green. There are some lotus and water lilies in the pond.

Ba Om Pond in Tra Vinh

Ba Om Pond looks like a giant mirror. Green grass and green old trees are around the pond.

Ba Om Pond in Tra Vinh

Locals people can drive motorcycles around Ba Om Pond.

Ba Om Pond is surrounded by sandhills and lines of Hopea and Dipterocarpus alatus trees which are high and big. The trees have existed for hundreds of years. Visitors can see the roots with different shapes.

Ba Om Pond in Tra Vinh.

There are hundreds of old trees with roots above the ground around Ba Om Pond in Tra Vinh.

Ba Om Pond in Tra Vinh

The roots have different shapes and sizes, you can imagine meaningful shapes in the roots.

Thanks to the beautiful sight, the strange shapes of the trees and the fresh air, Ba Om Pond has attracted a large number of locals and visitors who would like to walk, relax, and take great photos.

Legend of Square Pond

It has been said that Khmer villagers organized a contest at which a male group and a female group dug a hole. The men thought their power so that they relaxed while digging. The women led by a woman named Om finally won the contest. In fact, the women used ruses to postpone the men’s work. The finished pond which is bigger was named after the female leader Om and the smaller pond still exists near Ba Om Pond.

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