Vegetarian Clear Rice Noodle Soup (Hu Tieu)

Vegetarian Clear Rice Noodle Soup (Hu Tieu)

Clear Rice Noodle Soup (Hu Tieu) is a specialty food in South Vietnam. This food is very popular in Mekong Delta and Saigon. Main ingredients of Clear Rice Noodle Soup is special Hu Tieu noodle which is chewy but tender. This kind of rice noodle is made in a different way from other Vietnamese rice noodles. Pho noodle is cut from a thin cake made by steaming ground rice mixed with water and other ingredients. Bun Bo Hue noodle is made by boiling the noodle after using a machine to make long linguine-shaped noodles from the dough. Hu Tieu Noodle is cut from rice paper which is dried under the sun. The dry Hu Tieu noodle must be poached before being serving with the broth cooked from pork bone and other ingredients. Traditional Clear Rice Noodle Soup is served with slices of boiled pork and chopped green onion. There are some versions of Hu Tieu which are famous in Vietnam such as Hu Tieu Sa Dec from Dong Thap province, Hu Tieu My Tho from Tien Giang province, or Chinese Hu Tieu originated in China Town, Saigon. Throughout the years, people have created many kinds of Hu Tieu with pork chop, pork organ, chicken, pork pie, fish pie, squid… In this blog, I would like to introduce to you Vegetarian Clear Rice Noodle Soup which is not less delicious than those cooked from meat.

The broth of Vegetarian Clear Rice Noodle Soup is cooked from many kinds of veggies such as daikon, luffa gourd, carrot, mushroom… These ingredients make the broth smelling and delicious. The broth is extremely clear because there’s no fat. The colorful toppings are stir-fried mixed mushrooms, deep-fried tofu, Vietnamese vegetarian pie, bean curd sheet, toasted peanut, deep-fried onion, coriander and herbs. They also put some crispy vegetarian fried roll (Cha Gio Chay) made from rice paper and mung bean, wood ear. Bean sprouts and salad couldn’t be missed to have a perfect Vegetarian Clear Rice Noodle Soup. The dish is not only but also healthy, isn’t it?

Vegetarian Hu Tieu is a good choice on rainy days, in the early morning or at night. It could warm and fill your stomach. This food is served hot, you have to use a spoon to eat the broth and chopsticks to eat noodles and toppings. Here are some places where you can enjoy a delicious Vegetarian Clear Rice Noodle Soup in Saigon:

18 Tran Dinh Xu Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City;

200 Nguyen Trai Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City;

830 Su Van Hanh Street, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City;

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