Vietnamese jackfruit and arenga pinnata dessert

Phu Yen province is considered the land of yellow flowers and green grass”. Mother Nature gives the province the natural beauty with peaceful and beautiful The Sea Cliff of Stone Plates (Ghềnh Đá Đĩa), Xep Beach (Bãi Xép), Mon Beach (Bãi Môn), Dien Dai Lanh Cape (Mũi Điện Đại Lãnh), Xuan Dai Bay (Vịnh Xuân Đài). Coming to this land, you will have a big chance to admire the abundant natural beauty but also enjoy attractive specialty foods including Arenga pinnata pulp and Vietnamese jackfruit and arenga pinnata dessert.

Vietnamese people call Arenga pinnata pulp Hạt đác or Hat dat. Arenga pinnata trees are abundant in Phu Yen province and Nha Trang city (Khanh Hoa province). Arenga pinnata fruit is similar to coconut fruit but a smaller. They harvest Arenga pinnata fruit in the forests, the cut open and remove the pulp from its shell. The pulp is translucent, white, sticky, buttery, a little greasy and refreshing. It is good for bone, heart, and stomach. Arenga pinnata pulp is used to make various desserts such as Simmered Arenga pinnata pulp with sugar, Simmered Arenga pinnata pulp with pineapple sugar, Jackfruit and arenga pinnata dessert, Mixed sweet soup, etc.

Vietnamese jackfruit and arenga pinnata dessert (Chè mít đác) is a specialty food of Phu Yen which attracts most of the people from locals to travelers. To make this sweet soup, boil Aringa pinnata pulp until well-done, wash in cold water, soak it in a mixture of rock sugar and water for 30 minutes, cook the mixture over low heat, then cool the mixture down. Serve the cooked Arenga pinnata pulp with shredded jackfruit, sliced pineapple, ice. The sweet soup is a great mix of sticky, buttery, a little greasy and refreshing Arenga pinnata pulp, crunchy, sweet, fragrant jackfruit, and sweet-sour pineapple. They also add jelly, other fruits (strawberry, peach, litchi), chia seeds, and coconut milk. However, the simple Jackfruit and arenga pinnata dessert has impressed all ages with its simplicity, great taste and sweet smell. The jackfruit goes well with Arenga pinnata pulp, they have been a good couple.

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