Vietnamese water lily bulb sweet soup (Che cu sung) 

Vietnamese sweet soups (Chè) are the most popular desserts in Vietnam. There are various Vietnamese sweet soups in different regions in the country. A simple Black bean sweet soup can refresh you in the evening. Mung bean sweet soup with tangerine peel warm your stomach at night. A glass of Pomelo sweet soup at a street food stall can satisfy your taste. Lotus seed and longan sweet soup, which is as elegant as Hue girl, should be eaten slowly. A portion of colorful mixed sweet soup has attracted people of all ages. These famous sweet soups can be found easily at street food stalls or restaurants in Vietnam. There is a kind of sweet soup which only can be served in the rural countryside of Vietnam where there are water lily ponds. It is Vietnamese water lily bulb sweet soup (Chè củ súng, Che cu sung).

Vietnamese water lily bulb sweet soup is made from water lily bulbs which are rough and in brown color. The big water lily bulb is finger-sized, the small is as small as corn seed. They use peeled small water lily bulbs which are yellow and shining to cook the sweet soup. To make this food, peel small water lily bulbs, cook them in water over low heat until tender and smelling. Use kudzu powder to thicken the sweet soup. The buttery, sticky, fragrant water lily bulbs in the thick broth can win the heart of most people.

Vietnamese water lily bulb sweet soup should be served hot. What is better than eating some Che cu sung, smelling the sweet fragrance on cold days? Time has gone so fast. In the past, sometimes Vietnamese women bought water lily bulbs at local markets and cooked the dessert for their families. In the recent, they do not sell water lily bulbs but water lily stems. More and more delicious desserts have been created and brought from other countries. Vietnamese water lily bulb sweet soup is just some people in the countryside of Vietnam’s beautiful childhood memory which is so far and hard to find.

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