Vietnamese pudding with American ice cream (Chè Mỹ) – an exotic Saigon street food

What to eat in Saigon in hot summer? Vietnamese pudding with American ice cream (Chè Mỹ) – an exotic Saigon street food is one of the best choices to refresh yourself and beat the heat in the summer. Although this dessert has just appeared, it has won the heart of most of the people in Saigon where there is a wide range of delicious foods. The greasy ice cream, crunchy agar agar jelly, crunchy jackfruit flesh, juicy, longan flesh, nutty young coconut meat, tender and buttery white kidney beans blend wonderfully. A portion of Vietnamese pudding with American ice cream is colorful, it consists of opaque white ice cream, agar agar jelly in different colors, white kidney beans, yellow jackfruit flesh. The dessert attracts you at the first look. Vietnamese people, especially Saigonese love to eat desserts at street food stalls which are in back alleyways, on pavements, at local markets.


  • American ice cream: 200g
  • Agar agar powder: 15g
  • Jackfruit avrils: 6-7
  • Young coconut meat: 200g
  • Longan fruits: 15-20
  • White kidney beans: 100g
  • Pandan leaves: 3 (optional)
  • Beet root: 100g (optional)


  • If you would like to make green, red agar agar jelly, you can get the extract from pandan leaves and cook beet root with water and use them as food colorings.
  • Mix 15g of agar agar powder with 200ml of cold water. Cook and stir the mixture over medium heat until the agar agar powder is dissolved. Add food coloring and bring the mixture to a boil. Pour the mixture into a mold, cool it down, wait until the mixture turns into agar agar jelly, cut the jelly into juliennes.
  • Soak white kidney beans in warm water for 20 minutes and cook them until tender, about 30 minutes. Get the beans out of the pot, drain them and cool them down.
  • Peel longan fruits, remove seeds.
  • Shred jackfruit flesh.
  • Cut young coconut meat into juliennes or cubes.
  • Put longan flesh, jackfruit flesh, white kidney beans, agar agar jelly cubes, American ice cream into a glass. Stir and eat this dessert with a spoon.

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