Vietnamese Mixed Clear Rice Noodles

Vietnamese mixed clear rice noodles are favorite rice noodles in South Vietnam and it has become more and more popular in Central, North Vietnam and other countries. In South Vietnam, there are many factories which produce this kind of rice noodles. On some trips to Mekong Delta, they may introduce to tourists clear rice noodle villages. Locals use special steamer with a cloth on it to steam rice papers which will be dried under the sun until dry, then cut into noodles. The cook must boil dry clear rice noodles before use it to cook dishes from this kind of noodles.

There are about 20 kinds of dishes from clear rice noodles, they are divided into 2 groups: Vietnamese mixed clear rice noodles (Hu Tieu Kho) and Vietnamese mixed clear rice noodles soup (Hu Tieu Nuoc). Clear rice noodle soup is delicious dish consisting of boiled clear rice noodles covered with delicious broth from bone and other ingredients, topped with different combination of pork, shrimp, quail egg, ground pork, pork guts, fish, chicken… While Clear rice noodle soup is a great dish on raining and cold days, Mixed clear rice noodles  are good choices for hot summer days.

Tender and chewy boiled clear rice noodles are mixed with special sauce from soy sauce, garlic, sugar, vinegar and other secret ingredients. To serve, they top mixed boiled clear rice noodles with stir-boiled/stewed/stir-fried ground pork, peeled shrimp, quail egg, scalded green onion, deep-fried onion, and garlic chive… The cook must be skillful and experienced so that boiled clear rice noodles are not too hard or too tender or too wet. The delicious brown sauce must play off all clear rice noodles and it must be enough to not make the noodles tender. Each cook has his own recipe to make the special sauce and cook toppings for the dish. Vietnamese people love to eat mixed vegetables and herbs with most of noodle soups and other dishes from noodles. Bean sprouts, salad and coriander are favorite choices to eat with Hu tieu kho. Some prefer to have a bowl of broth and toppings such as pork, shrimp, pork liver, quail egg, chopped green onion, chopped coriander, black pepper served with the mixed clear rice noodles.

Boiled dry clear rice noodles mixed with brown sauce and topped with pork, deep-fried onion, scalded green onion and garlic chive

Bean sprouts, salad and coriander to eat with Mixed clear rice noodles

Clear broth with lots of pork, pork liver, shrimp, quail egg…

When you order a portion of Hu tieu kho, they will serve you a bowl of Mixed clear rice noodles, a plate of vegetables and a bowl of broth and lots of meat, shrimp and egg…

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