Water chestnut and mung bean sweet soup – Vietnamese traditional food

Water mung bean sweet soup with chestnut sweet – a Vietnamese traditional food in Hanoi is an elegant delicacy which has attracted most of the people. It has been said that Water chestnut sweet soup was created based on Luc tao xa (Lục tàu xá) – a Chinese food from mung bean which is cooked until tender and broken. To meet the taste of Thang Long – Ke Cho people (Thang Long – Ke Cho is the former name of Hanoi), they add water chestnut to Luc tao xa to make a delicious dessert which is called Water mung bean sweet soup with chestnut sweet (Chè đậu xanh mã thầy, Che dau xanh ma thay).

Water chestnut is a small, rounded corm which has a brown skin, a crisp, juicy, sweet-tasty, white flesh. It may be eaten raw as a snack or dessert after main meal, slightly boiled, or grilled, and often are pickled or tinned. It is also used as medicine. North Vietnam people call water chestnut Củ mã thầy, South Vietnam people call it Củ năng.

Water mung bean sweet soup with chestnut sweet is a healthy food which can beat the heat, boost energy and satisfy your taste. The crisp, juicy, sweet-tasty water chestnut flesh, greasy, crunchy shredded coconut meat, buttery mung bean and gelatinous sweet broth blends wonderfully.

Water mung bean sweet soup with chestnut sweet is not a difficult recipe.

Main ingredients:

  • Peeled mung bean: 250g;
  • Water chestnut: 100g;
  • Shredded coconut meat: 200g;
  • Kudzu powder: 70g;
  • Water: 1l;
  • Salt: 1/5 teaspoon;
  • Sugar;
  • Vanilla.


  • Peeled mung beans are soaked in water for 4 hours, washed carefully, drained off, mixed with salt, steamed until tender, then mashed.
  • Water chestnuts are peeled, washed, shredded.
  • Mix kudzu powder and cold water into a mixture.
  • Cook water and sugar until boiling, add mung bean, cook until boiling, add water chestnuts, cooking until boiling, add kudzu powder mixture, stir well until the broth gelatinous and translucent, add vanilla, stir well.
  • Serve the sweet soup in a bowl, top it with shredded coconut meat.

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