Specialty foods of An Giang – Part 1

1. An Phu dried snake

Dried snake (Kho ran) made in Vinh Hoi Dong commune, An Phu district, An Giang province is the most famous food as well as favorite gift. To make Kho ran, separate the snake flesh and the bones, marinate the flesh with spices, press the flesh into thin sheets and dry them under the sun at least 3 days. A good Dried snake is totally dry outside but fresh inside. The snake odor is removed and the flesh is rare.

To eat, grill Kho ran on charcoal over low heat until yellow, crispy and pleasant. Grilled An Phu dried snake is served with cucumber, green mango, green ambarella. It is dipped in hot chili pepper. Instead of grilling, they fry marinated Kho ran with fish sauce until crispy. They also make an exotic salad from dried snake, coriander, pomelo or cucumber. The salad is eaten with soybean sauce and chili pepper.

2. Green sticky rice

Green sticky rice is a traditional food which has been a favorite of locals and people from other regions. At Ok Om Bok festival, women in villages knead green sticky rice to make a delicious dish which is used to offer to ancestors and Gods. Com dep represents for good things and luckiness. It has been a valuable offer at Ok Om Bok festival for many years.

Local people make Com dep from green sticky rice, coconut, palm sugar. Green sticky rice is harvested 10 days before harvesting ripe sticky rice. Right after harvesting, the green sticky rice is soaked in water for a half day, drained off. Then the rice is toasted until crispy, kneaded in a pounder. Use a flat basket to filter the kneaded green sticky rice seeds, remove the husks. Com dep is usually mixed with shredded coconut meat, palm sugar, peanuts (optional). A delicious dish will be ready after 2 hours. Traditionally, Com dep is served on banana leaves and eaten by fingers. Com dep is chewy, sticky, great smelling, sweet, greasy and buttery.

3. Beef sausage

There are 2 types of Khmer beef sausages: Beef sausage which is sour and Beef sausage which does not taste sour. The first is for visitors who are not familiar with the strange taste of the second. The second has a strange taste and typical smell, local people prefer this type.

To make this sausage, choose the freshest lean beef and beef fat, mince the lean beef, mix the lean beef mince with beef fat. Then marinate the mixture with sugar, black pepper, and some secret traditional spices. They can add steamed rice to make the sausage sour. After that, fill dried beef intestines and dry under the sun for one day. Tung lo mo is cut into chunks to grill on charcoal until fragrant and well-done. The dish is served hot with soybean sauce. The mix of the fat, the sweet-tasty lean beef, the typical light sour taste of the sausage, the salty soybean sauce, the hot black pepper is perfect and unique.

4. Bay Nui scorpion

Bay Nui scorpions are black, as small as crickets. To catch scorpions with firm flesh and big pincers which are suitable to cook tasty dishes, locals climb up the mountains with hoes, buckets, tongs, and catch scorpions hidden under rocks. From scorpions, local people cook a lot of outstanding dishes such as Fried scorpion, Toasted scorpion with salt, Grilled scorpion on skewer, Stir-fried scorpion with lemongrass and chili, Fried young scorpion, Stir-fried noodles with scorpion, Fried scorpion with butter, etc. Some people soak scorpion in wine to make Scorpion wine which can treat backache, body aches, and joint pain.

The simplest way to cook scorpion is frying. After catching scorpions. they leave them for a few days so that the scorpion stomach is empty. After washing, the scorpions are fried in oil or fat until crispy and smelling. Fried scorpion is served hot with herbs, tomato, cucumber, coriander and dipped in a mixture of salt, ground black pepper, lime juice. The skin of the fried scorpion is extremely crispy and the inner part is greasy.

5. Long Xuyen rice noodle soup

Ingredients for this Bun ca are snakehead, rice noodles, vegetables, and herbs. The most important ingredient of Long Xuyen rice noodle soup is wild snakehead which has firm, sweet-tasty, a little chewy, tender flesh and good smell. The fish should be prepared carefully to make sure the fishy odor and mucus are removed. Then the fish is put into the boiling broth which is cooked from pork bone for few hours. Add lemongrass which enhances the broth’s flavor, turmeric which makes the broth yellow to the broth. When the snakehead is well-done, get it out, remove bones, stir-fry the flesh with turmeric.

To serve, put some white, tender, a little chewy, slippery rice noodles into a bowl, then the yellow flesh. Pour the boiling broth into the bowl so that the broth covers the noodles and flesh. They usually eat Bun ca Long Xuyen with morning glory, bean sprouts, Vietnamese mint, long yard bean. A portion of Long Xuyen rice noodle soup with fish looks very nice, tastes amazing and smell perfectly with bright yellow fish flesh, clear and yellow broth, white juicy bean sprouts, green morning glory, aromatic herb.

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