What to Highlight

Saigon Sightseeing Tour and Contrasts by Motorbike is designed for whom would like to see full view of the city in just a few hours. Saigon is famous for most famous sights in the city such as Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica, Saigon Central Post Office, Ben Thanh Market, China Town, Binh Tay Market, Thien Hau Temple… They are must-see places in Saigon which any tourists have to do when traveling to this city. You will have chance to admire the beauty of an old city with rich history and culture.

But there is a hidden city inside the Saigon you see on crowded main roads. It is a huge network of back alleys, twisting behind and between the borough’s buildings. Back alleys are home to major Saigon people who live in narrow houses and have unique life style. On our Saigon Sightseeing Tour and Contrasts you will have chance to explore this unique part of Saigon where there are many things to do. Do not stuck in District 1 like other tourists but see less-wandered districts to see hard gems that most of them don’t know about and couldn’t be found on any guide book.

The Saigon Sightseeing Tour and Contrasts by Motorbike will show you a Saigon where the past and the present, the old and the new, the big and the small mixed; where the rich is far from the poor only one footstep. You will see by your eyes how the poorest and the richest people live in the city. Behind luxury hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and high buildings…, there are hundreds of slums which are made from metal, plastic sheets, wood… along canals which are heavily polluted.

Would you like to see the Saigon in contrast? Let us draw a sharp contrast of Saigon and make you like locals while sitting on the back of a Motorbike. Our Saigon Sightseeing Tour and Contrasts by Motorbike tour will take you to all corners of Saigon and helps you to maximize your sightseeing time by reducing the time traveling the city. Why not enjoy your day in Ho Chi Minh city on the back of the motorbike with our nice and talented tour guide?


  • Sharp contrast of Saigon where old and new, rich and poor, present and past blend;
  • Delicious Saigon drink and fresh tropical fruits;
  • Must-see attractions in Ho Chi Minh City;
  • Little-known story, history and culture;
  • Biggest flower market, local fruit and vegetable market, special streets;
  • Huge network of narrow back alleys – unique part of Saigon
  • Living like locals in Saigon on the back of motorbike.

Price: 780,000 VND or 35 USD

Let’s book our Saigon Sightseeing Tour and Contrasts by Motorbike and pay us at the end of the tour!

Available departures

This is a daily tour.

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When to Go

The time to start is FLEXIBLE for your choice because this Saigon Sightseeing tour is PRIVATE, so that you can choose to start whenever you want. Our recommendation for morning tour is 8:00am-12:00am, afternoon tour is 2:00pm-6:00pm, evening tour is 5:00pm-9:00pm.

What to Do

Our Scooters will pick you up at your hotel and take you to visit some of Saigon’s must-see attractions: the the largest post office in Vietnam - Saigon Central Post Office, which was designed by renowned architect Gustave Eiffel; Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral - a famous long standing cathedral in Southern Vietnam with unique architecture, City Halls - city government's office building with nice architecture, Ben Thanh Market - symbol of Saigon, Independence Palace - marked end to the war in Vietnam, just like the fall of Berlin Wall... There you listen to war history, including many little-known or hidden facts. Then we will take you to Ho Thi Ky flower market - biggest flower market in Saigon, Turtle Lake with mysterious stories, Chinatown (Cholon) with rich history and Binh Tay Market - one of the biggest wholesale markets in the city, Thien Hau pagoda - a peaceful place in the hustle and bustle Saigon.

We will also drive you to District 8 - the low land with its many small stilt houses located along the canal to the Sai Gon River. This is place where poor people (workers, porters, unemployees...) live in worst condition. After that you will see the real contrast when we take you to District 7 where rich people enjoy their comfortable life in newly built luxury residences. We also show you a second hidden city by driving you through beautiful highway with large buildings, elegant restaurants and hotels and back alleys with cramped houses, small street food stalls of Saigon to see the contrast more clearly.

We will zip through Saigon main roads and back alleys to experience Ho Chi Minh City. You just sit on the back of the scooter to enjoy the sight, smell and sound of this stunning city. You can experience crazy traffic with hundreds of motorbikes and other means of transportation which are crowded on main roads. It's a big chance to explore alleyways in Saigon where you can see calm and peaceful life that is unique. We also drive you through special streets and alleys that couldn't be experienced on classic Ho Chi Minh tour route.

We also troll to a local market to see how locals sell and buy products, many strange and interesting things you may not have seen before. You are free to ask about everything and our tour guide will help if you would like to buy something.

At the end of the tour, we will drive you back to your hotel (or requested location). It's time to say goodbye.

What to Eat


  • Drink (Sugarcane Juice, Coffee, Tea...);
  • Fruits.

What Included


  • Free hotel pickup and drop off.
  • Bottle of mineral water
  • English speaking tour guide, motorbike, fuel, high quality open-faced helmet, rain poncho (if needed).
  • Pictures from your tour (emailed to you later).