Scooter Saigon Tours specializes in offering car rental Ho Chi Minh to Cu Chi Tunnels. From Ho Chi Minh to Cu Chi Tunnels by private car is about 70Km. It will take you about 1.5 hours with a private driver. Coming with Scooter Saigon Tours’ Car rental, we always understand what you would like to be.

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Visit the famous Ben Duoc Cu Chi Tunnels

From 7:00 am you will be picked up by our friendly driver directly from the hotel. The drive from to the famous Ben Duoc Cu Chi Tunnel takes about 1.5 hours. There you will get an overview of Cu Chi and its legendary history.

A documentary about Ben Duoc Cu Chi Tunnel will inform you about the history of tunnels and the intensity of the war in the area. You can visit the tunnel system including the weapons factory, hospitals the underground kitchens.

Then you can try manioc, which was the staple food for guerilla warriors in Cu Chi. If you want you can then practice with an AK47, MK16 or a machine gun at the nearby shooting range (not included in the price).

You can enjoy your lunch at a local restaurant and then return to your hotel in Ho Chi Minh City to finish the trip.



  • Safe and convenience;
  • High-quality car;
  • Polite, friendly and helpful driver.


  • 4-seat car (maximum 2 guests, 2 medium-sized luggages or maximum 3 guests without luggage): $60 USD (round trip).
  • 7-seat car (maximum 3 guests, 2 medium-sized luggages or maximum 5 guests without luggage): $70 USD (round trip).
  • 16-seat car (maximum 8 guests, 8 medium-sized luggages or maximum 12 guests without luggage): $90 USD (round trip).
  • 29-seat car (maximum 15 guests, 15 medium-sized luggages or maximum 25 guests without luggage): $130 USD (round trip).

* Note: These prices are per vehicle and not per person.


  • Private air-conditioned vehicles
  • Gasoline, tolls, parking fees
  • Round trip
  • Friendly driver


  • Gratuities/Tips (Optional)
  • English speaking guide
  • Travel insurance
  • Any other incidental expenses not mentioned above
  • Entrance fees


  • You can book a guide for $ 45 if you need it.
  • You can stop anywhere on the way without paying extra.

Please Call/SMS/Viber/Whatsapp us at +84909190247 to book the Private transfer from Ho Chi Minh City to Cu Chi Tunnels and get our quick response as well as confirmation if you get bored of filling the booking form and waiting for our response.

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    Additional information

    The legendary underground Cu Chi Tunnels is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh City. Visiting Cu Chi Tunnels is the best ways to understand more about the persistent, clever, heroic character of Vietnamese people and the prolonged resistance and the heart-broken war in Vietnam. Planning a trip to Cu Chi Tunnels is not as difficult as you think after you read this Ultimate Cu Chi Tunnels Guide.

    What to do in Ben Dinh?

    • See the map and simplified models of the tunnels.
    • Watch a short documentary film.
    • See the ventilation system, made of bamboo pipes, disguised as molehills.
    • See secret cellar doors hidden under leaves and how to enter and exit the tunnels through entrances.
    • See boob traps.
    • Many deadly traps, arranged in a multitude, were American troops’ fear. The traps include Tiger trap jaws, Fish trap, Door trap, See sawtrap, Klipping aronnit trap, etc. Seeing how the traps work, you will be surprised at the guerilla intelligence.
    • See meeting space, bomb making area, sleeping bunker, surgery room, weapon making area, rubber shoes making area.
    • See the B52 bomb crater made by a high explosive bomb dropped in the jungle of Cu Chi during the war and M41 tank body, trapped in the woods and destroyed by Viet Cong delay action mine in 1970.
    • Crawl a section of tunnels. This perhaps is the most exciting thing to do in Cu Chi Tunnels. A part of the tunnels has been modified (widened, lightened) to accommodate tourists. However, you still feel the bad condition in the tunnels which are humid, dark, lack of air. You can go through the exit points existing every 20 m if you do not want to crawl further and deeper.
    • Enjoy boiled cassava and tea. After crawling and exploring the tunnels, you should go to an area next to Hoang Cam Kitchen. There you can wash your hands and your face with the water from bamboo tubes. It is totally refreshing. Nice cooks serve you boiled cassava with a mix of salt, toasted sesame, and crushed peanuts and some tea on wooden tables. Steamed cassava is a popular food of  Cu Chi people and Viet Cong soldiers during the war because of lack of foods. However, many visitors enjoy this sticky and buttery food so much. Hoang Cam Kitchen or Smokeless Kitchen is worth seeing in Cu Chi Tunnels. The key of this kitchen is Hoang Cam Stove, named after the inventor – a Viet Cong soldier. It is a stove intake and chimney system, diffused and dissipated smoke from cooking which prevented aerial detection of smoke. Besides the stove, you can see some wood, an old wooden cupboard, and a few kitchen utensils.
    • Entertain yourself with sport defense shooting, paintball, swan boat, kayak, bicycle ride. Below is the price at the shooting range:
      • M16: 35,000 VND/1 bullet
      • AK 47: 40,000 VND/1 bullet
      • Machine gun M30: 30,000 VND/1 bullet
      • CARBIN: 25,000 VND/1 bullet
      • Machine gun M60: 40,000 VND/1 bullet
      • Garand: 30,000 VND/1 bullet