Best Vietnamese sweet soup desserts

There are tens of “Chè” (or “Che”) which refers to various Vietnamese sweet soup (or pudding) desserts. Vietnamese people around the country love to eat Che. People in each region have created Che recipes which meet local preferences, tastes, and local products. Here is a list of Best Vietnamese sweet soup desserts in different regions of the country.

North Vietnam


1.  Water chestnut and mung bean sweet soup (Chè mã thầy đậu xanh)

2. Expanded glutinous rice sweet soup (Chè bà cốt)

3. Young green rice sweet soup (Chè cốm)

4. Cassava sweet soup (Chè sắn nóng)

5. Areca flower sweet soup (Chè hoa cau)

6. Sesame glutinous rice dumplings in ginger syrup (Bánh trôi tàu)

7. Mung bean sweet soup with tangerine peel (Lục tàu xá, Lục đậu sa)

8. Black sesame sweet soup (Chí mà phù)

9. Mountain yam sweet soup (Chè củ mài)

Central Vietnam


10. Corn sweet soup (Chè bắp)

11. Mullet seeds sweet soup (Chè kê)

12. Kidney bean sweet soup (Chè đậu ngự)

13. Hyacinth Bean Sweet Soup (Chè đậu ván)

14. Lotus seed sweet soup (Chè hạt sen)

15. Lotus and longan seed sweet soup (Chè nhãn bọc hạt sen)

16. Clear tapioca pearls in ginger syrup (Chè bột lọc)

17. Yellow yam sweet soup (Chè môn sáp vàng)

18. Purple yam sweet soup (Chè khoai tía)

19. Condensed milk, mung bean and jelly dessert in Hue (Chè sữa)

20. Jackfruit and arenga pinnata dessert (Chè mít đác)

South Vietnam

21. Vietnamese agar agar and mock pomegranate seeds dessert (Chè sương sa hạt lựu)

22. Vietnamese pomelo skin sweet soup (Chè bưởi)

23. Vietnamese glutinous rice dumplings in syrup (Chè trôi nước)

24. Vietnamese three color dessert (Chè ba màu)

25. Che ba ba (Chè bà ba, Chè thưng)

26. Palmyra sweet soup (Chè thốt nốt)

27. Vietnamese grass jelly and coconut milk dessert drink (Chè sương sáo nước cốt dừa)

28. Cendol with mung bean (Chè bánh lọt đậu xanh)

29. Vietnamese taro and glutinous rice pudding (Chè khoai môn nếp)

30. Lesser yam pudding (Chè củ từ)

31. Water lily bulb sweet soup (Chè củ súng)

32. Vietnamese sticky rice pudding with black-eyed pea (Chè đậu trắng nước cốt dừa)

33. Mung bean pudding with coconut milk (Chè đậu xanh nước cốt dừa)

34. Mung bean pudding with seaweed (Chè đậu xanh phổ tai)

35. Mung bean pudding with aloe vera and seaweed (Chè đậu xanh nha đam)

36. Green bean paste with coconut milk dessert (Chè đậu xanh đánh)

37. Pandan dumplings with mung bean in syrup (Chè bánh xếp)

38. Black bean pudding (Chè đậu đen) –

39. Red bean pudding (Chè đậu đỏ) –

40. Vietnamese black glutinous rice and yogurt  pudding (Sữa chua nếp cẩm)

41. Vietnamese fermented glutinous rice (Chè cơm rượu)

42. Grilled banana in sticky rice, tapioca pearl and coconut dessert (Chè chuối nướng)

43. Banana and tapioca pearl pudding (Chè chuối bột báng)

44. Mixed sweet soup (Chè thập cẩm)

45. Sabja seed desserts (Chè hột é)

46. Bird nest sweet soup (Chè tổ yến)

47. Khuc bach dessert (Chè khúc bạch)

48. Vietnamese pudding with American ice cream (Chè Mỹ)

49. Vietnamese tamarind seed pudding (Chè hạt me)

Cambodian sweet soup in Saigon

50. Cambodian steamed pumpkin dessert soup (Chè bí chưng) –



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